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Customers' non-core activity is our main business

Customers' non-core business is Vest-Fiber’s main activity.

Vest-Fiber was founded year 2000 as a traditional supplier of small fibreglass products and services to the Wind Turbine industry. In 2002 two of our major customers decided, that in-house cutting of Glass reinforcement was not a core business, and Vest-Fiber was invited to focus on cutting competences and acquired equipment and personnel and became a preferred out-sourcing partner. When business is growing the need for focusing on core business, outsourcing and effectiveness will increase. Vest-Fiber has now for over a decade created value to our customers by cutting down their cost. We do this by offering customized kits which can be manufactured in means of cutting, milling or sewing and we pack with labelling and documentation according to our customers’ requests.

Vest-Fiber specializes in cutting & delivery of materials to the composites industry.

Today we employ more than a 100 people in processing and packaging of kit in various materials such as:

  • Multi axial fabrics/reinforcement.
  • Foam/core material used in sandwich constructions.
  • Non-woven, Release film, and vacuum consumables.
  • “Ready-to-use” Infusion net-set kits.

Our state of the art CNC cutting units will process more than 7000 tons of Fabrics and convert more than 600.000 sq. meter of core material on a yearly basis.

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Trust commits.

We are in close dialogue with our customers and business partners for continues improvements and creating innovative solutions. Our success is based on openness and full transparency throughout the whole supply chain. Vest-Fiber acts as your integrated partner, and we typically purchase and store raw materials from our customer’s contracts. By optimizing our internal process we create real cost savings and efficiency through deliveries on time. The cornerstone in our success is to gain customer confidence by keeping our customer competitive.

Reliable quality with full traceability.

Steady supply of material with reliable quality is a must in all Industries throughout the World. Where required we will deliver with traceability on materials and products, in order to keep relevant history trace back to the raw material supplier, production methods and/or process parameters. Quality control is a fundamental part of our process, and in 2010 Vest-Fiber was certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

Vest-Fiber globally

Vest-Fiber globally